Matt Cutts-What Types Of Links Are Better

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Matt Cutts & “Spammy” Back Links!

Not all back links are created equal!  Back linking strategies vary from person to person and from niche to niche, but one thing is for sure, not all back link carry the same weight.  The old forum profile and blog comments just don’t work as well as they did, Google has pretty much stripped them of all their link juice, however!  Those types of back links still have their place when boosting your higher quality back links, both getting them a bit more power as well as helping them get indexed in Google and the other search engines.

Basically He Says, “Contextual, On topic & Varied Anchor Text Work Best”

In the video above, Matt Cutts from Google Spam covers a little  bit about “spammy” back links and what Google looks for in a more natural looking link.  If you’re looking for a great overall back linking strategy, we recommend you check out Forever Affiliate.  They offer a Double Your Money Back Guarantee, really, you can’t go wrong!

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“Add On Domains”-What Are They & How Do I Use Them?

Add On Domains

If you ever registered your own site and eventually go into the C Panel, you may have seen a button for an Add On Domains and probably really didn’t know what it was for.   Neither did I for a long time and I still never really used them until now.

Matt Cutts-Add On Domains

In the video below Matt Cutts from Google goes in to what add on domains are and how you best use them for your site.  Before you watch the video, let me tell you what I’ve been using them for personally.  When I create an authority site, a site with at least 20 pages on up, I like to eventually add a blog, a forum or both.  When you’re creating an authority site, well frankly you want to look like you’re an authority on the subject.   Adding a separate blog or forum that is related to your site is an easy and effective way to get Google to see you as an authority and add on domains are a great way to accomplish this.

I will explain later in greater detail from setting up add on domains to how to effectively use them with blogs/forums or for more and sometimes better traffic generation.